Supply Chain coordinator

Date:  15-Sep-2021
Posting End Date: 

Heerlen, NL, 6422 PD

Company:  Everris International B.V.

As our new Supply Chain Coordinator, you like to create your own job in the realm of your tasks and responsibilities. You like to put your mind at work and think ahead in optimizing replenishment and stock within our European facilities. You are both a pioneer and a stable force in setting up new supply chain efficiency projects, but together like to coordinate running business as accurate and efficient as possible. You like to contribute your skills and experience in a new approach within a global company. We cordially invite you to join us, if you think this role suits your abilities. Join ICL. 


About the role
As this is a newly set up team within the EU realm you like to help in coming up with, setting up and executing new projects to optimize both 3rd  party production planning, stock levels and replenishment for the EU ware-houses. You will coordinate, oversee, and synchronize the European production planning by coordinating short term forecasted demand and reaching optimal utilization of 3rd party and internal warehouses and factory utili-ties. Together with that you will be responsible for the close coordination of the inventory levels of European warehouses and replenishment. This team consists of three members and a manager. Dividing responsibilities within the team is dependent on skill sets and experiences. 


Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Short term (4 weekly) production planning (scheduling) for the European 3rd party factories; 
  • Timely scheduling of sufficient and safety margin commodity, semi-finished products and material planning with 3rd party suppliers; 
  • Analysing stock positions in the European facilities for the products within your responsibility; manage re-plenishments were needed 
  • Analyse and report capacity and material constraints.
  • Purchase order management and coordinating (creating and follow up)
  • Contributing to efficiency and effectiveness projects in order to optimize production for ICL in Europe. 


The European Supply Chain Coordinator SF will report to the European Master Planner ICL Specialty Fertilizers. 


Your profile
You are well educated, ideally in Supply Chain or a relevant related field together with several years of relevant work experience in a European multicultural and corporate environment. Ideally you bring experience from a similar team, that has already progressed to the next step. Excellent understanding of the intricacies and com-plexities of the global supply chain is desired. People describe you as reliable, stable, and analytical personality that resolve in substantiated decisiveness. You work accurately and know when, how and why to inform stake-holders. 


  • ERP knowledge and experience
  • Detailed knowledge of QAD and experienced with Supply Chain tools (like nSKEP) is highly desired
  • Energetic and proactive
  • Ability and willingness to travel.

We prefer someone who speaks Dutch. Excellent knowledge (verbally and in writing) of the English language is mandatory. 


This team is based in Heerlen. 


Apply now! 
Contact Jaap van den Broek, Talent Acquisition Specialist Europe via   


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