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ICL is a global fertilizer and specialty chemicals company operating Bromine, Potash and Phosphate mineral value chains in a unique, integrated business model. ICL extracts raw materials from well-positioned mineral assets, and utilizes its know-how and technological capabilities to create products that add value for customers in key agricultural and industrial markets.

ICL’s operations are divided into four business divisions: Industrial Products (Bromine), Potash, Phosphate Solutions and Innovative Agro Solutions.

ICL currently employs approximately 11,000 full-time employees worldwide. ICL’s experience, knowledge and professionalism derive from over 80 years of mining and production of downstream specialty mineral products and formulations. Together with its logistic advantages, and its continued focus on R&D and innovation, ICL has become a world leader in bromine-based products and specialty fertilizers.

Employer of Choice

ICL is determined to strengthen its position as an employer of choice. The company aims to be a favorable place to work in every region in which it operates.

Being an employer of choice ("EoC") is one of ICL's main cultural values and a long-term goal of strategic importance. This requires ICL to be trustworthy, transparent, and accountable, with resolve to engage with employees fairly and decently. As an EoC, ICL will be best positioned to retain and attract the best and most talented workers, which, in turn, will create opportunities for growth, both for the company and for those employees.






























Our Culture

ICL strives to have a positive impact on all people affected by its activities. This desire is key to ICL’s business strategy and is rooted in its organizational core values and culture of leadership. 

ICL’s culture and aspiration is to be a top tier performer in safety and environmental responsibility; be an Employer of Choice; leverage technology and industrial know how to meet the needs of its customers; and to utilize best practices for corporate governance.

ICL’s commitment to social responsibility and best practices for corporate governance permeates every aspect of the company. From promoting ethical business conduct and fair labor practices to supporting employee development and investment in the community, ICL has created a culture of integrity and purpose that unifies its employees around the world.