HERA Manager - Israel

תאריך:  16/01/2023
תאריך סיום פרסום: 

Beer Sheva, IL

חברה:  איי.סי.אל ישראל

Professional/management: Management of professionals
Department: Global HERA (Health Environment, Regulatory Affairs)
Number of subordinates: 7 out of 18
Location: Beer Sheva

:Department/ unit description
Manager of ICL HERA Israel Department of about 18 professionals and managers: 16 in Israel, and 2 abroad. The regional department in Israel is part of the Global HERA organization that provides regulatory support for all ICL business lines such as: industrial chemicals, fertilizers, biocides, pesticides, food specialties, pharma, cosmetics, and others
Manages the global regulatory team in Israel, the global Hazard Communication, the Labeling  and the Science (toxicology) units

The position reports to VP ICL Global HERA manager located in the EU and is sutuated Israel, Beer Sheva (Maklef House)

:Brief job description and Areas of responsibility
Ensures implementation of an efficient and effective HERA organization in Israel, as part of the global HERA team
Sets yearly and long-term goals and ensures execution of the objectives of HERA Israel
Provides professional and managerial coaching to the global regulatory, hazard communication and labeling managers
Coordinates activities vis-à-vis global chemical regulations (such as EU, UK, Korea, Turkey), monitors global regulatory developments and adjusts the regulatory plans according to the required deadlines
Follow up on the emerging chemical regulation such as Israel, set up of relevant workplan according to the deadlines
Responsible for continuous communication with ICL stakeholders (such as the business, R&D and innovation) to ensure alignment of their requirements vis-a-vis HERA goals and work plan, suh as obtaining registrations in target markets for new and existing products
Approves regulatory affairs work plans and toxicological data development programs and
its associated budget to match the requirements of the business and compliance needs
Responsible for compliance with all relevant product regulations at the destination markets
Enabler of new product introduction from the regulatory standpoint
Regulatory assessments of new products and ideas
Facilitation of long-term regulatory projects for efficiency improvements and upgrades of the
supporting systems
Ensures people professional and managerial development of the staff by preparing, budgeting, and executing training plans

PhD or master’s degree in chemistry, biology, toxicology, pharma or related sciences, or chemical engineering
Relevant professional background is a big advantage. QA background and understanding of company business and product lines is a significant advantage
Excellent fluent verbal and written skills in English
Proficiency in basic MS Office applications

:Previous experience
Several years of people management experience preferable in global environment
Acquaintance with regulatory affairs world

:Personal abilities
Excellent soft and people management skills
Excellent team leadership skills
Project management skills and proficiency with relevant software is a preference
Strong Multi-tasking skills and strategic thinking

:Special aspects of the position
Fast learner