Supply Chain Coordinator

Date:  13-Jan-2022
Posting End Date: 

Acton, GB, W3 8TE

Company:  Fibrisol Service Ltd.


A Supply Chain Coordinator is responsible for the supervision of the inbound and outbound traffic, managing the buying, production and delivery process of goods.This is a very high profile and responsible role within an organisation, requiring someone who is extremely organised.   

The Applicant:

The ideal candidate will be someone who has experience in demand planning, forecasting, inventory management.

The Role:


  • Assist and deputise for the Supply Chain Manager.
  • Works closely with the Supply Chain Manager to ensure the best supply chain solutions are achieved.
  • Use Stastical analysis where applicable to identify trends and recognise change.
  • Generate forecast and review on weekly basis to identify changes.
  • Create purchase orders for current and forecasted demand
  • Maintain product costs and vendor quote information in the ERP software
  • Monitor inventory levels for short and long lead time products.
  • Maintain a supplier evaluation system and coordinate with vendors to help improve their performance
  • Liaise with vendors and transportation partners to determine ideal scheduling and timelines
  • Receive customer orders-Enter onto system / Sending order confirmation to customer.   
  • Liaise with warehouse and haulier to agree deliveries
  • Plan material movements between sites
  • Receipt of goods into warehouses GRN.
  • Offer customer support to resolve queries and problems
  • Investigate stock differences.
  • Other duties as assigned from time to time